At the moment, 99% of online shoppers are looking for a way to get items cheaper, to obtain discounts and any other way which will guarantee them a product they want for as little money as possible. There isn’t anything wrong with it, obviously. But, while all of them are looking purely for discounts of goods, we will be focused on something else. Just to add, we still like and want conventional discounts!

Save on shipping

save on shipping

Once you have found the item you want and you are ready to order it, you will have to pay for shipping. In rare cases, shipping can be more expensive than the actual item. This is a common case with some sellers and DHL post service. Of course, there is no point in paying more for shipping than for the product itself.

We also have situations when the best items come with pricey shipping, but those we don’t like are usually paired with free delivery. Sellers know that desirable item are more likely to purchase, so they add shipping costs, while items which are not so desirable will have to be sold as soon as possible, therefore free shipping is mandatory.

The main thing here is a shipping discount. They may be rare but they do exist. All you have to do is to redeem them, same as conventional coupons and enter them while ordering an item. That’s it! You have just bought a new item cheaper than all your friends.

Faster delivery than usual

You have just saved money on cheaper shipping, but you will get one advantage as well. Because essentially you will get a premium shipping method, your delivery will be completed sooner than usual. In short terms, you will get an item faster than you would with free shipping.

For example, free shipping can take between 7 and 60 days! Premium shipping can take between 1 and 7 days. This is one of the common reasons why people use shipping discounts, besides the more affordable prices of course. Another example we can give you is associated with coupons for jabong. They are available for discounts and for shipping as well. Those discounts will achieve 80% at some point. Add free shipping and imagine how much money you can actually save.

Faster delivery than usual

One advantage more

Free shipping isn’t actually free. You, indirectly or a seller will have to pay for it. The most common way they use is to increase the prices of the items. Let’s take two same items. The one with free shipping will have to be more expensive. Do you see one advantage more?

Because you are paying for shipping, you will get an item at a lower price! But, you add a coupon for shipping discount at checkout and you reduce the price even more. In essence, you save money in two ways. The first one is obvious, you don’t pay shipping and the second one is the fact you get the item at a lower price.

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